The word ‘audit’ seems to fit right into Microsoft’s new program called Windows 8.

Windows is no longer a company that least discusses security.

The recent roots and missteps of Windows XP have left Microsoft in a vulnerable position when it comes to user security. Applications are harder to access, hackers can trick a simple PC into doing anything, and a well-thought-out, fully secure plan of action has to be ready for every scenario.

Windows 8 puts emphasis on ease of use, simple navigation, and integration with cloud storage. Choosing the operating system has become easier since the company released a Starter Edition in 2012.

“How Do I Access the Cloud?” is a question that many are still asking about Windows. That’s because Windows has some obstacles to overcome if it wants to fully enable users to access and use apps from the Cloud.

Home Users

The new operating system could be cheaper and less complicated than anyone expected. That’s because the cloud computing integration of the new OS will allow users to get apps quickly.

First, Weather app integration gives users access to severe weather updates. Additionally, stores selling movies, songs, and pictures will appear on the Lock screen, ensuring you can browse through what you want immediately, instead of having to open an Internet browser. When you want to see when someone left their home, you’re going to see it on the Lock screen.

On the lock screen, a new apps button appears that offers access to everyday apps, such as mail, the photo gallery, and 2012 news. Those icons are already familiar to many.

What’s the point of paying for a Photos app if you can’t buy a. imaging right from your Lock screen? Windows 8 will give you the option to download apps from the Windows Store, including Mail and Photo Gallery. The idea behind this is to allow users to install whatever apps they need, as opposed to forcing them to install certain ones that might not be compatible with everything.

A Desktop, Smartphone, or Laptop

Windows 8 was designed to gather users in a desktop/smartphone fashion. No longer is the computer the central focus. Applications can be accessed through any device.

If you want to add a notebook computer, just access the new Microsoft Surface Table System with an integrated monitor, keyboard, mouse, and monitor, in addition to the Microsoft Express Look which is a new touch feature designed to feel like you’re typing on a conventional desk.

The integrated display size is 11.6″, making this ideal for a small person that may not need a business or organization-level app. This OS is ideal for people who spend a lot of time on social networking sites.

Windows is Available on All Devices

Depending on the device, Windows will be installed on thousands of devices. More specifically, people are using these computers at home and at work. With this strategy, the company made sure that every version of the OS is available on the computer or device that you want.

Windows 8 offers a free, online version of the Windows 8 Developer Preview. This version will only work on PCs that are based on Windows XP, beginning with Windows Vista. A Microsoft Developer Preview version helps anxious developers test out the new operating system before its release to the public.

As for the negative side, keep in mind that since the computer will run on Windows, people having computers that run from Windows 7 may still want to keep Windows XP if they want to continue using programs such as MS Office. Luckily, the new version of Office for Mac is compatible with Windows computers. So if you own a Mac, you can still use Office should you choose to do so.

With the improvements in MS Office 2016, a lot of people would like to get started with the new program right away. In order to do so, one needs to install the Developer Preview of the 2016 program. At the same time, there is an alternative for those who do not want to install the program. This is the Microsoft installer. This installer allows one to install the program anytime as long as one has the appropriate installation on their hard drive.

Lastly, the new shortcuts shown in the toss manual are not only for the program but also for folders that appear as such on the Home tab. The Prepare and Save tasks are also shown as buttons instead of as separate commands as in earlier versions of Office.