Trend Micro, a computer security company specializes in developing and marketing antivirus software and internet security applications. Headquartered in Tokyo, It also launched a virus research center. This company was established in the year 1988 and shortly it created envious havoc on the web by releasing a virus called Koobi. The name Koobi comes from the Japanese word “gorilla” meaning little grandmother.

This virus caused a lot of problems to computer users and businesses. Spamming email links and message boards started showing up on peoples’ screens. Koobi viruses spread via email and message boards, floppy disks, CDs, and file sharing. This virus also caused a lot of problems for the online business community. When a mouse hopper or CD is dropped or accidentally dropped on the floor, worms spread from that and begin their destructive Designs. This brings us to the present time where Security is a must word in today’s world. It is a must for both individuals and corporates. Internet Security applications such as Trend Micro Rsandbox and Esetmail are the best that this type of software has to offer. These are very good to keep your computer Systems free of Free Viruses and Free Internet Security applications.

For those of you who want to protect your system with Antivirus applications Esetmail, Trend Micro Rsandbox or ByPass Guard are the best. There are many more applications that are Lightweight and Can be easily installed and downloaded onto your system. You can also install free applications in your system. Such as, “Audacity”, ” blessings” and “7-Zip”. The above antivirus program applications are very good and prove ideal for your PC. For increasing the security and safety of your computer, you can buy, “Hi-Jack This”, ” Defraggler” and “Ad-Aware”, These antivirus program packages are very good and compact and lessen PC virus threats.

You can also download free internet security applications like ” TYoconvert”, “Zzzalph Dell” and “ComboFix”, These program packages are also very good, and bundling them will not only speed up your downloading and uploading speed but also protect your Computer from many virus attacks. Have a small business and may consider purchasing, “Antivirus”, “Antispyware”, “duration”, or ” Scorpions”, These four are comprised of three effective Antivirus program packages and are easy to use and install onto your computer.

You have to learn how to keep your computer system free and secure. There are many viruses and worms that can harm your computer hard drive and you can not fight with them. You have to make sure that your virus program updates and scans your computer a minimum of times. This will guarantee you that your online business will stay up and running without any problems. The antivirus program packages you have chosen should be compatible with your computer system.

The best way to do that is to get one of the antivirus program packages and not overwrite the one that is already installed. They are very air smark of the antivirus program packages you have chosen should be compatible with your system. As you can see there are many antivirus program packages and they are available in the market and also on the internet. What you need is to know where to get them and what you need to do to get them. This is especially applicable to any student. Where can you get them and how you need them.

This is very important because students find it hard to keep up with their studies if they do not have antivirus program packages installed on their computers. Although they can purchase their own they will not be able to download them easily. So you should make sure that your computer gets these installations. You can not wait until you get them though because there are always new viruses and worms around the world. Once you have them all you need to do is scan them all and delete them. You will have to pay a little subscription fee while the others do not. You should remember that when you are downloading files from the internet save them with a file of your own name and not with a name that is common. This will increase the chances of them being able to download it.

Apart from saving them, you should also encrypt your files. There are programs that encrypt your files so that nobody else can open them without having the correct key. They also have a password feature in them. This way they will not be able to open your file without the proper key. They are important to your online operations and will keep you safe from harm. Don’t wait for them to happen to you because with an antivirus program your files will be waiting for you in a safe place.