Can I Password Protect My Computer? Computer security is very important today. Without good protection, your computer may be targeted by hackers, malicious code, or physical theft. Today, there are some tools that you can use to protect and secure your computer. Adware and spyware are two of them. These are the applications that are used to spy on your online activities and apparently, expose your computer to certain viruses.

Net Protector

This is free software that claims to secure your computer from viruses. The hackers seem to have some issues with this application. You can download this application from the manufacturer’s website; however, there are some sites that are not safe, as they are reported to be associated with dangerous servers. It adds a new attempt to these threats by blocking unauthorized access to your computer, thus ensuring a safer browsing environment.


This tool is very important as it blocks the ads from trackers, thus restricting the sites that would show up during a browsing session. Spyware and viruses can also be blocked by this software. After installation, you can enable the product’s Auto-Protect feature and it would automatically scan your computer for viruses and remove them. The program has a Protection Center where you can view various reports and warnings about your computer. It also tells you how effective the removal tools are at removing the infected files.

Removal tools are available for free, but they are not as effective as a virus removal tool. They also may not detect as many viruses as a removal tool. Because of this problem, they may not be the right protection for your computer. If you are a Windows user, you may consider downloading a Windows cleaner. It is freeware that scans your computer and removes all the viruses. You can also choose a removal tool for normal problems. Both of this software would ensure that your computer is scanned and would delete the infected files.

If you want to avoid problems in the future, you may disable your future Internet Explorer windows.

Add/Remove Programs

Programs listed here are some that are potentially hazardous to your computer. You have to remove all unknown items from this list permanently or may break your system.

Delete the items with unchecked options

If you are dealing with a list of files, you can choose to remove all of them using the ‘remove’ option. However, America Online and Legitimate Businesses believe that a few selected files on a hard drive are enough to confirm whether or not an item is legitimate.

They are actually unaware of most of their victims.

Expert suggests that you might want to use a file shredder to destruction files of your browsing history and temporary files.

Change Web Browser

Whenever you start using the Internet, you choose the web browser that you use to access the World Wide Web. Many people have already chosen the web browser that they use and then had problems with it. Switching to an alternate web browser could help a lot. Malware developers strive to include as many features in their malicious programs that can be exploited by users.

If you choose to use another web browser, you should know that because of the way that other browsers handle cookies, alerts, and other objects, it may be more difficult for hackers to track you through your cookies.

Protect your Cookies

Cookies are used to store information about your browsing experiences in a field that computers can understand. When you visit websites, you may have seen that cookies are taken to store information about you. In fact, it is difficult to understand anything without cookies. Perhaps, they are also used to track visitors so that they send you advertisements on various websites.

You may however have deleted cookies on your computer for various reasons. If you are a technical person, you may try to do it manually. Most people would prefer to use a cookie remover.

What is a cookie remover? It is a program that will find and delete all cookies on your hard drive. The reason cookies are deleted is because they are potentially dangerous. There are certain things that can happen if a malicious user gets to them. It may give him/her access to your user names and passwords, company accounts, and also to some of your sensitive personal information.

There are two types of cookies – third party and first party. Third-party cookies are distributed by various companies for business reasons. As for first-party cookies, they are included in some software packages that are distributed for free, such as Firefox and Opera.

Firefox and Opera use their own security mechanisms to defend your computer.

Encrypt your disk

It is very important to encrypt your hard drive when you are using public computers to prevent the data from being stolen. For encrypting, you need to go to the control panel and select the encryption option. The encryption software will then create a program file or program with encrypted instructions. Once you run the program, you can then encrypt your files.